A-A boards review goals, retirement plans, enrollment

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Alta and Aurelia School Boards met recently. Among other items for discussion, they reviewed their district goals, their early retirement plans and discussed the enrollment numbers.

The board goals were set up last year with Les Douma. The four main goals - developing a shared culture, providing innovative education, handling shared financial matters and communication will be maintained. The board members agreed there are some areas that need continued work and some areas that are being met.

Some new areas that they would like to see looked at include traffic flow, discussion on a fitness center in Alta, Roxy Theatre maintenance (tuck-pointing and handicap accessibility) and more work on fifth grade transition.

Supt. Evans will reword these goals and submit them to board members at a future meeting.

The boards reviewed their early retirement policies. Currently, Aurelia offers four years of single health insurance for those taking early retirment and Alta offers 60 percent of the base salary.

It is not sure how many teachers may be interested in early retirement this year. No decisions were made and more review will take place.

Enrollment breakdown by district was also shared by Supt. Evans.

There are 518 students being served in the Alta District, 498 of them residents of Alta. In Aurelia, there are 279 students being served with 236 of them residents of Aurelia. The Alta District has 56 students open enrolled in and 35 open enrolled out, and the Aurelia District has eight students open enrolled in and 33 open enrolled out.

In other business, the Alta board approved contracts for:

* Dean Lietz, assistant boys basketball coach

* Bridget Murillo, elementary teacher's aassociate

* Dave Turnquist, volunteer girls' basketball assistant