First graders write turkey stories

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks to Mrs. Elston's first graders for writing these turkey stories!

* Eric the turkey is large he won't fit in the bin. By Lucy

* Colorful the turkey was the most colorful turkey in the pack. All of the other turkeys were brown. All of a sudden a hunter came and the hunter got one of the brown turkeys. Whew! By Aden

* Gobble was a medium turkey. She had a friend named Lila. Lila like Gobble. Gobble thinks that another turkey Rachel will be Thanksgiving dinner. By Hannah

* Kaden the turkey is the skinniest turkey. He is scared of a lot of stuff. But most of all he is scared of being Thanksgiving dinner. By Cameron

* Tom the turkey is larger than all of the other turkeys. He is fat and fast. He is taller than them too. He will run fast if they want him for Thanksgiving dinner. By Blayke

* Tom the turkey had a lot of meat on his stomach. People had all of him for Thanksgiving. He was good food. I liked it all. By Abby

* I had a turkey who did not believe in Thanksgiving because he was scared of the turkey on the table. He did not want to be that turkey next year. One day he went to school, he came home from school and all of a sudden he noticed that it was Thanksgiving. He was excited because he made it through another year. By Roman

* Trey the turkey was a hot shot. The hunters were after him because she was very, very big. So Trey the turkey carried a bow and arrow to protect himself. By Maddox

* Lucy the turkey is the boss of the turkey yard, So all of the other turkeys think that she should be Thanksgiving dinner. By Brianna

* Lucy the turkey eats beef for Thanksgiving. By Haley