Letter to the Editor

Vilsack: no regrets

Friday, November 9, 2012

We came up short, but I have no regrets. We ran a great campaign. I am proud of the tremendous work of my campaign team, hundreds of volunteers, thousands of grassroots donors, and tens of thousands of online activists who joined me on this journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your faith in me and all of your hard work.

Our campaign made sure the democratic process worked. While we did not win, for the first time in the Fourth District, voters had a chance to see both candidates in debates and on the campaign trail.

In the end, the voters decided to go another direction, and I congratulate Steve King and his supporters on a hard-fought campaign. But I don't think this win needs to excuse his divisive comments. We need to expect him to work across party lines to move this country forward.

I have always believed that when you see injustice, you need to stand up and say something about it. That's what we spent more than a year doing and I am grateful for having had that opportunity.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that you have to get up every day and do something that you're scared to do. I did that in this campaign, and I'm going to do that tomorrow and every day. I hope you will too.