A-A students take part in Presidential Physical Fitness tests

Friday, November 9, 2012

Over the past few weeks students at the Alta-Aurelia elementary and middle school have taken part in the annual Presidential Physical Fitness test. This will be the last year of the program due to the change to a new health-based assessment from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.

However, students did participate in a battery of tests and their scores are compared to benchmark scores throughout the nation to see what category they fall in. The tests consists of Curl Ups, Shuttle Run, Endurance Run (distance varying on age of students up to a mile), Push-ups or Pull-ups, and V-sit (sit and reach). In order to achieve an award, students must perform all five tests at the same level in order to be eligible for either a Presidential or National Fitness Award. A Presidential Award means the students scored at the 85 percent or above on all five tests. A National Award means the students scored at the 50 percent or above on all five tests.

"I'm very proud of the effort the students put forward toward their testing," said coach and physical education tacher Mike Fry. "All the students, award winners and non-award winners put forth their best efforts and are making physical activity a part of their everyday lives. Even if they fell short of achieving the standard, they learned that through hard work and self confidence, improvements can be made, especially when it comes to their physical health."

"We will strive to continue on the new approach with the FITNESSGRAM and allow students to achieve recognition in the years to come for their efforts toward making physical activity and healthy eating a part of their everyday lives."