Letter to the Editor

Keeping God in our government

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I would like to thank Don Kier from Newell for his comment in the Pilot-Tribune Readers Respond and his ad placed in the newspaper saying that we need to pray for America, but we also need to replace all of our leaders who have replaced God with themselves and removed Him from our younger generations' conscience so that they now think whatever they want to do is alright.

The Ten Commandments do not count, everything is free to them at someone else's expense, and morality means doing whatever feels good. Lying is freedom of speech and welface and an advanced education is something owed to them.

America will survive, but will we be a God-fearing free republic, or a nation run by the political officials, doling out what they think the rest of us only need. Again, thanks to Don K. for his call to us to pray.