Ridge View Model United Nations students attend Governor's Youth Symposium

Thursday, November 8, 2012
Students attending the conference were (front row) Amelia Leuschen, Lauren Franken, Abbey Leuschen, Kelsey Brenner. (Back row) Alex Burhop, Jonah Kistenmacher, Austin Drey, Glenn Zimmer. /Submitted

Eight students from the Ridge View High School Model United Nations team attended the 2012 Fall Iowa Governors Youth Symposium on Oct. 23-24 at the State Capital in Des Moines. The students were challenged to write position papers based on the United Sates position on a number of major international topics.

This year's topics included the response to natural disasters - (Social Topic) the impact of the black market trade of legal and illegal drugs - (Economic Topic) the control of natural resources across borders - (Science Topic) and reproduction and population control - (Political Topic).

All of these topics relate to current global issues. The students spent the better part of two days discussing these issues with peers from across the Iowa who had also submitted papers on these topics. While at the conference, the students worked together to combine their papers and voting on amendments to the resolutions they wrote. It was an intense and rewarding experience for these students to be able to share their views with so many other students from across Iowa.

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