Letter to the Editor

Moon memories

Monday, November 5, 2012

Just a note about your "Harvest Moon" photo in the Nov. 1st edition.

Thought that I would mention that, although it is called by many names (Hunter's Moon, Harvest Moon, etc.), to all us Air Force types it has always been a "Bombardier's Moon". On bombing missions, instead of locating the target by instruments and the bomb drop being essentially an "academic" impersonal exercise, a full moon was always hoped for. The full moon would illuminate the terrain below, enabling visual contact on the target, and permitting the bombardier (and aircrew) the satisfaction of personally observing the results of what they had wrought - obliteration of the target. A successful and very personal mission accomplished!

(Come to think of it - since we were hunting the enemy, I guess ours was a hunter's moon, also. Nah! Our "Bombardier's Moon" has a much more exclusive implication to it.