Alta Kiwanis Notes

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Alta Kiwanis met Tuesday, Oct. 16 at Wel-Life.

Guest speaker was Gary Launderville, Buena Vista County Sheriff who spoke to the group about the 911 program. Sheriff Launderville purchased a 911 program designed to teach kindergarten through second graders the proper use of 911.

The system consists of two regular telephones each of which is hooked up to a tele trainer box. the phones are set in opposite ends of a room and then kids can dial 911 on one phone and receive assistance on the other end. The program also contains a 10-page coloring book which contains a step-by- step guide to proper use of 911. An 11 and a half minute video is also included. Alta-Aurelia school officials are very receptive to this program. more information will be available as soon as the program is started.

The next pop can collection date of Nov. 2 may have to be moved up a week as the bin is almost full. This will be discussed at next week's meeting.

The Alta Kiwanis is in the process of updating their current club projects list. They are continuing to recruit new members. As of this date 25 members have paid their dues for the year.

Ditch cleaning went very well last Friday. They completed the job in 45 minutes. Good going gang!