Alta and Aurelia School Boards meet

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Alta and Aurelia School Boards met Monday at the Aurelia building.

Renovation at the building is coming to an end. The gym is complete with new bleachers and has been used for the last middle school volley ball games. The new cafeteria will be completed within the next couple weeks. The kitchen is being equipped at this time.

The new cafeteria is located on the first floor.

The current cafeteria is located in the lower level in the building's first gym. The area will continue to be used as an auxiliary gym. The wrestling room will also be located in the area.

The elevator will be completed also within the next two weeks. Currently there are no students that need the assistance of the elevator.

The Alta and Aurelia Boards discussed the Instructional Support Levy. This levy is board enacted within both districts and they wish to continue the levy. Aurelia's levy expires in fiscal year 2013. By acting on a "Resolution of Intent," and a public hearing next month, the levy will be good for an additional five years. This levy generates $148,000 annually in cash and general fun spending.

At Alta, the levy does not expire until 2014 so it will be reintroduced next year at this time to re-enact it for an additional five years. It generates $238,000 annually there.

Supt. Lynn Evans pointed out that this does not increase any taxes for the people.

The Alta Board discussed leases for their copy machines and service. They are at the end of a five-year lease which has cost the district $2,253.58 per month for the three copy machines there. The board accepted a bid from Office Elements who will provide equipment and service at $950 per month.

On average, Supt. Evans said, 40,000 copies are made each month.

Aurelia owns its copy machines.

Standing committees were approved:

* Transportation: Aurelia - Brad Rohwer and Myron Radke; Alta - Dave Turnquist and Mark Henningsen

* Building and Grounds: Aurelia - Sue Sangwin and Radke; Alta - Henningsen and Ila Galvin

* Finances - Aurelia - Dan Winterhof and Sangwin; Alta - Gigi Nelson and Galvin

* Curriculum and Staffing: Aurelia - Jen Kaskey and Winterhof; Alta - Nelson and Glienke

* Policy and Public Relations: Aurelia - Kaskey and Rohwer; Alta - Glienke and Turnquist

Both boards agreed at Supt. Evans' request to update the Resolution of Reorganization.

The Department of Education recommends new wording in the reorganization resolution to read: "The boards of education for the Alta Community District and the Aurelia Community School District will study reorganization together with the intention of being reorganized as of July 2014.

Supt. Evans told the boards "this does not lock you into any date. If July 1, 2014 comes and goes with no change in whole grade sharing, there is no penalty. The reason for the rewording change is that the legislation for the reorganization sharing money ends fiscal year 2014. With the rewording, it will allow us to carry into our official third year for receiving the incentive dollars, assuming the funds are there."

The boards were also informed that the A-A High School band will perform at the upcoming Buena Vista University/Luther football game in Storm Lake.