Alta-Aurelia JH Warriors pick up big wins on football field

Friday, October 12, 2012


The Warriors hosted Ridge View on Valor Field on Tuesday, Oct. 2 and ended the first game with their first tie of the season.

The younger Warriors began with a slow start but showed signs of their potential with highlight moments. One of those was a huge block thrown by Kaleb Sleezer to allow his quarterback Carson Kruger to move the ball for a first down on their intitial possession. However, the younger Warriors needed to maintain that fire and found it difficult and struggled to maintain consistent momentum. Although running backs Kaleb Sleezer, Cooper Siebrecht, and Jaden Henrichs ran hard in the first half, they couldn't get in the endzone and the Warriors found themselves behind Ridge View 6-0 at the half. Starting the second half, it was Jacob Hull who sparked the Warriors with a hard running kickoff return. As an encore, new fullback Caleb Renteria provided a hard target to bring down for the Raptors. The Warriors used his hard running and Caleb capped of the drive with a 6 yard run through the middle of the Raptor defense. The two point conversion was unsuccessful and the score was tied 6-6. It appeared the Warriors were going to continue their power running game behind Renteria and were moving into score when a fumble stalled the drive and proved to be the ending of the game. Good defense held and the seventh grade Warriors pulled out a tie 6-6. Leading that defense in tackles were Carson Kruger (7), Cooper Siebrecht (6), Caleb Renteria (6), and Kaleb Sleezer (5). Another noteworthy defender was Jaden Henrichs with 2 tackles but also 2 forced incompletions.


In the second game, the older Warriors took note of the lesson learned in the first game and came out firing on all cylinders. The defense stiffened on the first drive forcing the Raptors to punt to the Warriors. A few plays later, Jared Weiland sprinted 25 yards into the endzone to put the Warriors out to an early lead 6-0. The defense continued their good performance and got the ball back into the Warrior's possession. With running back Skylar Solko and Jared Weiland running behind good blocking, the Warriors moved the ball to the one yard line. Quarterback Ryan Radke saw and opening and plunged into the endzone putting the Warriors up 12-0. Jared Weiland capped off the two point conversion to lengthen the lead to 14-0. Ridge View answered the score with a kickoff return for a touchdown and the halftime score was 14-6. In the second half, the Warriors took possession first and moved the ball the length of the field and Jared Weiland found his way to the endzone with a powerful 8 yard touchdown run putting the Warriors ahead 20-6. However, the Raptors refused to fold and answered with a different looking offense full of passing and reverses to get the ball into the endzone and make the score 20-12. They added the two point conversion and midway through the fourth quarter the Warriors held the lead at 20-16. The Warriors changed looks themselves and Skylar Solko made a couple of strong runs behind fullback John Tuttle to keep the ball moving towards the endzone for the Warriors. The final score for the Warriors was a 30 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Ryan Radke hitting an open Jared Weiland to put the Warriors ahead with the final score of 26-14. "We did a lot of things good, and showed some things we've been working on in practice. Executing them on the field in game situations was great" said Coach Fry. Defensively, the Warriors had several players with a lot of tackles, but leading the way was Jared Weiland with 14. Other leading tacklers were Ryan Radke (5), John Tuttle (6), Nick O'Bannon (5), and Jason Hinkeldey (5). "It's important to note, the guys did a great job doing what we ask them to do, and that is to play their position correctly. Ridge View presented a couple different looking offenses and we handled the changes nicely, " said Coach Fry.


On Thursday, Sept. 27 the Warriors hosted a game on Valor Field against the Braves from Cherokee. The Warriors came out strong with good blocking allowing Jared Weiland to move the ball down the field and finish the offensive drive with his first of six touchdowns of the day from 18 yards out. The Warriors supported their run dominant offense with a strong defense forcing the Braves to punt on the next possession. The Warriors took over and used their running game to move the ball down the field and Jared Weiland capped the drive off with a 25 yard touchdown run. Skylar Solko added the two point conversion with a run of the left side, making the score 14-0. The Braves countered with some offense of their own and challenged the Warriors to make the score 14-6 midway through the second period. However, Jared Weiland teamed up with his offensive lineman (John Tuttle, Parker Nelson, Alex Sangwin, Jordan Wendel, Tristan Janssen, and Jason Hinkeldey) to add one more score on before half and led 20-6. The Braves got the ball to start the second half and moved the ball down the field despite a strong defense. They scored on a 10 yard run making it 20-12. The Warriors Jared Weiland picked up where he left off in the first half and scored two more touchdowns (14 and 25 yards) to put the Warriors ahead 32-12. Cherokee mounted a drive midway through the fourth quarter to make the score 32-18. After a good kickoff and a couple of tough fullback runs by John Tuttle, Jared Weiland broke free and scored his final touchdown from 40 yards out to put the Warriors ahead 38-18. Skylar Solko capped off the game with the final two point conversion sprinting towards the pylon and securing the win for the Warriors, 40-18. "The guys did everything they needed to do, when a play needed to be made, a first down needed and gotten, to making tackles and stops, they were clicking on all aspects of the game today," said Coach Stevicks. Although the Warriors scored 40 points, it was combined with a great defensive effort as well. Leading the Warriors on defense in tackles were Ryan Radke (14), John Tuttle (9), Parker Nelson (9), Jason Hinkeldey (6), along with Nick O'Bannon, Jared Weiland, and Jordan Wendel who all had 5 tackles.