Letter to the Editor

What have we become?

Monday, October 8, 2012

It has occurred to me and should be evident to others, the negativity of this entire campaign and the accusations and denials of both candidates, that one or both are not telling the truth. It does not seem to matter which office the candidates are seeking. It seems to affect all of the candidates. One states that you did this or said that and the opponent says "no, that is not trrue," and back and forth it goes. It only stands to reason that one of the candidates is not telling the truth and it is hard to tell which one. Is it possible that we will elect into office a person who is incapable of telling us the truth and how do we guard against that?

This campaign is not about respectful disagreement to the other party or opponent anymore. It appears to be just pure hate. Now, as sad as it may be, we have to come to expect that from our enemies, but it is a sad state of affairs when it infects the boundaries of our own country. We all should want the same successes and freedoms upon which this country was founded. Those freedoms cannot be maintained unless all of us, regardless of our politics, believe in the same thing. That this country will continue to be the best only if we forget the selfish "me" attitude and begin to believe our country must come first. If only this could be so.

We can no longer let this great country become the dis-United States of Amercia, for that would most surely be the end of our freedomns and world-wide respect.