Presentation of stories of the Civil war, apache battles, custer campaigns

Friday, October 5, 2012

The main street historic theater in Sioux Rapids was the site of a recent public program on stories of the Civil War, the Apache Indian campaigns of Arizona, and of General Custer's Black Hills and Yellowstone campaigns.

Hosted by the Sioux Rapids Area Historical Association, August 27, the hour-long PowerPoint program was presented by Dr. George Whitehouse of Storm Lake. It was a documentary program of historical events as well as of regaling the audience with the recorded personal stories, both humorous and serious, of one soldier's experiences throughout those eras of American history.

Based upon personal journals, newspaper articles, official military records, and historical documents, it is the personal story of Dr. Whitehouse's illustrious grandfather (not great-grandfather!), Benjamin Franklin Whitehouse. Ben enlisted in the Civil War when he was thirteen years old, was sentenced to be shot, and President Lincoln shook his hand and congratulated him. He subsequently served three years in Arizona chasing Chief Cochise and Geronimo, and was captured and tortured by the Apaches. He later spent five years riding with the U.S. 7th Cavalry as Custer's bugler and orderly, containing the Sioux in the Black Hills during the gold rush, and capturing Chief Rain-in-the-Face.

Dr. Whitehouse has spent years of researching and documenting his grandfather's life, and has created PowerPoint and DVD programs which have been presented to numerous historical and civic organizations.

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