Letter to the Editor

King brags; doesn't deliver

Friday, October 5, 2012

Steve King is a man who shows up to trowel a bit of cement at the opening of a new length of Highway 20, bragging that he has been backing it for nearly 20 years, whereas he should be held to account for not having seen to its completion long ago, as he has been in office for many years. He's an inveterate opportunist; shows up for ribbon cuttings of projects he voted AGAINST. And brags about it.

Meanwhile, Eastern Iowa has seen the completion of The Highway of the Saints, from St. Paul to St. Louis. As usual Eastern Iowa claims the right of being Iowa's modern half. Now, Western Iowa has a chance to trump that claim by electing Iowa's first woman to congress, Christie Vilsack. Let's be brutally frank. Obama is likely to be swept back into office. His Secretary of Commerce is our former Governor, Tom Vilsack. Western Iowa could use a powerful, influential voice in Washington. Steve King is an isolated man even in his own party who has passed no legislation at all.