Heartfelt jewelry is unique and hand made

Friday, October 5, 2012

Who would have thought that Scrabble tiles, Rummikubs, Dominos, quarters or even bottle caps could be repurposed into wonderful jewelry pieces?

Sherie Van Burkum and Lorie Stanton of Alta have done just that and are getting rave reviews for their creations.

The friends have started the business Heartfelt Jewelry and are enjoying not only the time they spend together making the jewelry but also seeing the finished products enjoyed by those wearing them.

Lori Stanton and Sherie Van Burkim

Keeping the process a secret, the two women have found the possibilities to be endless. Both have kids involved in sports and have come up with personalized pendants bearing the sport and their kids' names and numbers. These pendants have been very popular.

They have also produced pendants bearing local team names and have been working with booster clubs at Alta-Aurelia, Storm Lake, Cherokee and River Valley. (Other booster clubs are invited to contact them as well.)

Besides sports, their pendants use graphics with virtually anything - Bible verses, quotes, even just pretty pictures. Sherie and Lorie can also take family photos or even one of a family pet and make them into wearable art.

The Stanton girls - Taler, Laney and Sydney - have had fun helping by locating graphics for the jewelry; Taler has a taste for Vintage jewelry and has discovered some awesome ideas for the pendants. They have also designed pendants with Iowa State, U of Iowa and even Buena Vista University for those who want to spread pride for their favorite college teams.

The women will take individual orders or large orders (such as for a family reunion). The cost for these wonderful pendants are $7 or $11 with a neck cord. There is an extra $2 charge if a photo is used.

"We want these to be fun and they are something that people can afford and we want them to wear them proudly," The ladies said. "All women love jewelry."

Heartfelt Jewerly is available at the Hoodlebug in Alta and will be available at the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) gift extravaganza to be held at the Alta Community Center in November.

If you can't wait and have an idea to share, the women welcome any. You may contact them at heartfeltjewelryia@gmail.com or by phone - Lorie - 712-253-2213 or Sherie at 712-299-1635.