Volunteerism-minded workers revamp AC gazebo

Monday, October 1, 2012
The newly-restored city park gazebo.

"We do this because it's the right thing to do," said Peter Krull, plant manager at the Albert City Valero plant, about the community volunteerism that most employees there participate in.

The volunteering is voluntary but most of the some 60 employees find time on their days off and/or after working hours to take part.

One of the most recent projects the employees participated in was renovating the gazebo which has been a landmark in Albert City's downtown park for many years.

Valero draws employees from a 30-mile radius so getting out and volunteering in some of the communities in which the employees reside is not only an outreach of the company but it also allows acquaintances in those communities.

Employees share ideas of where their help may be needed and mayors of the communities are also contacted for ideas of people that may need help.

A volunteer council is in place and the suggested ideas are discussed and they make the decision whether a certain project will be carried out.

Several of the employees took note of the gazebo and its need for some tender loving care.

The gazebo was reshingled with wooden shingles, bringing it back to its original look, and the peeling paint was scraped and new paint applied. Sixteen employees and some family members contributed a total of 408.5 hours to the gazebo. The volunteers are proud of the completed project.

Unveiling of the renovation will be Tuesday, Oct. 2 at the park. The Albert City Chamber will provide a meal of pork patties or hot dogs, chips, a drink and a bar for a free will donation. All proceeds will go towards the 2013 Summer Fest. The municipal band will also

Valero employees have worked with the Special Youth Challenged Ministry on several occasions, helped in clean up after the tornadoes this spring, help with the annual Albert City Summer Fest, clean ditches as part of the Adopt-a-Highway project, help at the schools if needed, taken part in food drives for local food banks and painted a house for an elderly couple in Albert City.

This summer, the Valero employees donated 190.5 hours helping put in new playground equipment at Sunset Park, located near the swimming pool. The equipment was in place just in time for Summer Fest.

Two other volunteer projects are being planned for this fall.

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