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Sunday, May 1, 2016

An Interesting Run

Friday, September 21, 2012

Politics is a very complex science and for this reason I look at it with a state of unfathomable fascination. Concerning this subject, I will blame most of this intrigue on my own ignorance, callowness, lack of education, etc. A more condensed definition is to say that I am not political savvy; in fact, I probably won't nor will ever hope to be. For I'm only a kid: eighteen, young, innocent... ok, maybe not innocent but you get the point.

As I have now reached this age of "accountability", I now have the privilege to vote. And as it is election year, this crucially means that I get to have my say in who deserves the title of "President" for the next four years. In my mind, this election year has drawn on for a very long, long, LONG, time. Starting with the rumors/announcements of the GOP candidates, going through the debates and the incessant news coverage of: "who said what" and "if saying that was a smart move or not" complete with more rumors. Then there were candidates droppin' out, more debates, Mitt Romney becoming the nominee, rumors of who he's gonna choose for his VP, to finally the Republican convention in Tampa (more news coverage of: "who said what" and "if saying that was a smart move or not") the Democratic convention, (still more news coverage) how Mitt Romney and Obama reacted to the disaster in the Middle East complete with still more news coverage and rumors. It has taken a very long time indeed.

I'm not a political guru so of course; I'm not supposed to understand it all... which is probably a good thing because if I DID profess to have knowledge on this subject, I would have been exposed like the ignoramus I really am. Or am I?

I mean, my dad has been engrossed with politics since I've known him, leaving the voices of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Riley implanted in my brain and I watched both of the conventions with him, offering my opinion on each bit of news and soaking in what both sides have to say. Both sides are impeccably persuasive and if I just listened to the ads and speeches, I would have chosen the one who presented the best argument. Maybe that's why the percentage of young voters in this country is so low; if I couldn't decide why not leave the ballot blank and leave the voting to the people who know what they're doing?

It's like junior high all over again. You know, when you get to vote for your class president and the teachers are always reminding you that you have to vote for the person whose ideals align with yours, but you always end up voting for the one with the best skit? Well in my mind, this is what this election has turned into. It's gone to whoever can expose the most optimism to entice voters and whether it's done through truths, half-truths, decoys, or blatant lies, the level for cause for enticement and persuasiveness is the same.

In middle school, we were told, votes should go to the guy with the best record, the most to offer, and ideas similar to ours. This is a case when we should positively and without a doubt - go back to basics.