City council adopts two new ordinances

Friday, September 21, 2012

It has already been two years that the Buena Vista County Sheriff's Department has been providing law enforcement to the City of Alta. Sheriff Gary Launderville told the Alta City Council at their regular meeting last week that there is only one year remaining on their three-year contract.

He reminded them that if they are not happy with the service being provided that a one-year notice will be necessary to terminate the contract, which would mean it would need to be done very soon.

The council said they are pleased with the services and wished to extend the agreement for an additional three years. The contract will now run through October of 2016.

Also at the meeting, Neal Kuehl of I&S Group (formerly Kuehl and Payer) told the council that the new project is expected to be done by the end of the month or first week of October.

The council adopted two new ordinances - one dealing with the use of off-road utility vehicles and one dealing with the use of lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems.

* Off-road utility vehicles

Ordinance 1194 states that off-road utility vehicles (motorized flotation-tire vehicle with not less than four and not more than eight low-pressure tires that is limited in engine displacement to less than one thousand five hundred cubic centimeters and in total dry weight to not more than one thousand eight hundred pounds and that has a seat that is of bucket or bench design, not intended to be straddled by the operator, and a steering wheel or control levers for control) will be permitted on certain streets and alleys for the purpose of snow removal, lawn care, gardening, and transporting equipment and personnel as part of construction projects within the City of Alta.

A special off-road utility use permit must be obtained from the City Of Alta to operate such vehicle. In order to receive the permit, the owner/operator must be able to prove he or she is 18 or older and has a driver's license and that he or she can show proof of financial responsibility.

Off-road utility vehicle operators in the City of Alta may only operate on city streets and alleys for the purposes of snow removal via attached snowplow or blade, gardening and/or lawn work or construction projects within the City of Alta.

The vehicles cannot be operated above the speed of 25 mph and can not be operated in the city after sundown or before sunrise, except for emergency snow removal, and operating with necessary lights.

ORUVs may cross such primary road extensions: Highway 7, County Highway M31 and 14th Street. they may not be operated on sidewalks unless the operator is needed for snow removal. They may not be used in parks.

* Lawn sprinklers and irrigation systems

Ordinance 1195 was developed to regulate under certain terms and conditions the installation and permitted operation of such sprinkling and irrigation system intended for the sole purpose of watering private individual lawns and areas of landscaping vegetation; under conditions and within the city requirements for such purposes.

Lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems connected to the Alta Municipal water system or any other water source shall have a permit issued with approved plans submitted before any excavation or piping begins. Lawn sprinkler contractors or home owner shall pay all permit fees for each system installed.

Separate water metering is available with administration of this type done by application to Alta Municipal Utilities in conjunction with a reduced sewer rate by the City of Alta. All separate metering will solely be at the home owner's expense. Neither, Alta Municipal Utilities, or the City of Alta accepts any liability for separate metering cost or related issues.

When an water emergency exists, which limits the Alta Municipal's ability to supply city water needs, the Municipal Utility Administrator reserves the right to order restrictions of water used for lawn sprinkling and the shall remain in force until removed by the Municipal Utility Administrator.

There will be fines given to those that do not abide by the ordinance.

For full copies of these two new ordinances, see Tom at Alta City Hall.

It was also reported at the meeting that a meeting has been rescheduled with the managers of Westview Trailer Court regarding cleanup of the property. Code enforcement officer Konradi said that nuisance forms have been translated to Spanish to assist minority residents.

During the open forum, Gloria Sanders of the National Night Out committee reported that the evening was a great success and the attendance was outstanding. Planning for 2013 is underway.

A Kiwanis pancake fund raiser is planned for Oct. 14 to raise funds for new patio furniture at the municipal swim pool. A request by the pool manager to waive the rent was reviewed and accepted.