A-A junior high football teams keep HMS scoreless in first games

Friday, September 14, 2012

Alta-Aurelia 28 Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn (HMS) 0

The Alta-Aurelia junior high football team opened up play on Thursday, Sept. 7 on Valor Field in Aurelia with a 28-0 win over HMS. Due to low numbers, HMS played one full game and another full half game. Consisting mostly of 8th grade players, the Warriors jumped out to a 6-0 leand with a 65 yard run by Jared Weiland.

Weiland, who was set up for his second touchdown by a great block by Kaleb Sleezer on his 30 yard touchdown set the halftime lead for the Warriors at 12-0. A strong running attack and good blocking allowed the Warriors to move the ball down the field and score two more touchdowns in the second half. Throughout the game but especially in the second half, the Warrior defense came out strong, led by an interception by Skylar Solko who returned it to the 20 yard line.

Shortly after Jared Weiland took the ball in from 10 yards out for his third touchdown of the game with Ryan Radke adding the two- pointconversion run. The defensive line anchored by Parker Nelson, Nick O'Bannon, Austin Williamson, and Jordan Wendel allowed good linebacker plays and big tackles by linebackers John Tuttle, Jared Weiland and Skylar Solko throughout the game. The good defense continued their tough play and defensive ends Jordan Wendel and Jason Hinkeldey forced the HMS quarterback into the hands of Ryan Radke who recovered a fumble close to the Warrior endzone. After a penalty, quarterback Ryan Radke ran the two- yard touchdown in to score the final touchdown. Shortly after, the two-point conversion play was complete when Ryan Radke hooked up with Jason Hinkeldey for the final scoring pass for the Warriors. Then end result was a 28-0 win for the Warriors.

"The guys played outstanding as a team, they tackled good and blocked hard, with that, good things will happen," said Coach Mike Fry.

Alta-Aurelia 18 Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 0

The second game, consisting of one full half of play ended with the seventh grade Warriors earning a 18-0 victory against HMS.

Leading the well balanced running attack were running backs Cooper Siebrecht (two touchdowns) and Kaleb Sleezer (one touchdown).

They were also joined by teammates Jaden Henrichs, Jacob Hull, Ricky Pizano, and Barritt Kolpin who helped balance the running game and move the ball down the field. Quarterback Carson Kruger also ran the ball and attempted two passes, however both fell incomplete.

Defensively, the younger Warriors were tough as well and presented a rough welcome to Valor Field. With great team effort, notable tacklers were Thomas Kueny and Barritt Kolpin, who both are not big in size but showed good tackling effort.

"The line blocked extremely well allowing the running backs the chance to find the holes and move the ball. And put together the great team effort on defense, the seventh grade looked good and also knows there's a lot of room for improvement as well," ended Coach Mike Fry.