Pastor's Corner: God loves us even in bad times

Friday, August 24, 2012

July 26, 2012

Last night I gave thanks. I was suffering from the heat like everyone else and I saw the sky getting dark in the southwest. Yes, rain, that elusive stuff, was coming. God was sending rain to the parched land. I was starting to wonder if God maybe had in store for us a complete drought. I know that many farmers have ruined crops. Many to the south, west and east of us are suffering a lot. Their crops are already plowed under in places, or so I've heard. How terrible it must be for those people. We can only pray that they will be able to withstand the stress and pressure on them, both economically and spiritually.

When life seems its most dreary, usually this is when God sends a blessing. I remember Joseph in the book of Genesis. He was a good boy, a favorite of his father, but very unpopular with his brothers. They were going to kill him, but instead sold him into slavery. He travelled to Egypt and became a slave. But instead of being down on himself, complaining about his loss of everything, he trusted God and just worked as hard as he could. His owner saw this and put him in charge of everything. Later he was framed for rape and thrown into prison. There as well he worked very hard, never forgetting that God loved him, and he was put in charge.

A few years later the Pharaoh heard about the special abilities of this man Joseph, and after interpreting a dream of the Pharaoh, Joseph was put in charge of the whole economy of Egypt! His faith in God was rewarded in two ways. First, he was at peace during hard times, and second, he became successful and honored by all.

I hope that in hard times, like the farmers and others are facing with the drought, God will give us that peace which passes all understanding. May we focus on what we can control...our own attitude. I believe that God will give us comfort and the ability to look forward to better times.