Bus stops discussed, work at Aurelia building continues

Monday, August 20, 2012

Alta parents can be reassured that there will be one new bus stop to replace two eliminated routes.

Eliminated are routes on the east side of town on Prospect Street and Lake Street. The new stop will be on Third Street.

Alta-Aurelia transportation director John Hill told the school board and those in attendance at Monday that there were a few factors why the routes were eliminated.

One of the main reasons was to ease up the time on at least one of the youngest students who was riding the bus for over an hour.

Another reason was because once the buses made it to those stops, after picking up rural students, the buses were "bursting at the seams."

Because of parents' concerns the new route has been added.

He further told the board that it is being initiated to implement a school crossing guard and perhaps several throughout the community to allow kids to walk to and from school, assuring safety while crossing the street. If it all comes together, he said, parents would need to educate their kids on routes to take to and from school.

Mark Falk asked if an all-town route could be established. Hill said at this time no and if there was that it should be for ages third grade and below, feeling that fourth grade and up could walk.

There has been some exploration of a town route which is estimated at costing $40 a day or $7,200 a year to make a loop around town. Parents in attendance said they would gladly pay the school if they offered the service.

Superintendent Evans said that parents will be invited to discuss any concerns they have regarding student safety and/or busing at the next meeting of the School Improvement Advisory Committee.

Middle School Principal Ann Sandine pointed out that with the renovations still going on at the middle school that some classes will need to be temporarily moved to available classrooms.

The gym is not complete at this point so the first few home middle school volleyball games will be held in the gym of the old Alta High School building.

An additional $27,026 will be needed to raise the floor one inch and to level it an an additional $426 to move the gym ceiling fans, the Aurelia board approved the change orders.