Alta native markets new app to help manage medications

Monday, August 6, 2012

Young professional Nick Nesbitt's plate was full to begin with, but when the chance came to help patients in need better manage their medications, he took another step.

The 2005 graduate of Alta High School works full time at Meredith Corporation in Des Moines as an operations manager, managing multiple websites based in New York.

Last January, he was approached by the start-up company My Diabetes Home to help market a new electronic devices application. That's how he landed a second career on the side, as the marketing manager for My Diabetes Home and its new app MedSimple.

The free downloadable app for android or iPhone devices isn't just for people with diabetes, but can be used by anyone who relies on multiple meds, he says.

It helps the user create a profile of all the medications they take and when/where they were prescribed, stored on their computer and their cell phone, so it can be shared with their doctors. The app provides dosage and refill reminders so patients don't have to worry about missing a dose. "Another cool feature is the pharmacy locater, which is very helpful to a user if they are ever away from home and need to look up a pharmacy that carries their medications," Nesbitt says.

It provides information and warnings to teach people about the specific medications they use, and how they should be used, in easy to understand language and diagrams. It also saves money by suggesting less expensive local sources for medications used, provides access to prescription assistance programs and even direct-links to manufacturer coupons for your medications.

"My role is to help get our application out to users across the internet in the means of social media, paid advertising and other campaigns that can help spread awareness about our platform," Nesbitt says.

The application is considered a breakthrough, as the most comprehensive tool to date for personal management of medications. The fact that is was designed in Iowa makes him feel even better about the project.

Nesbitt is pleased with the workings of the new app, which provides free access to all of its tools - the patient can take advantage of everything it offers, or simply use it as a handy reminder of when its time to take a dose.

Endocrinologist and founder of My Diabetes Home, Dr. Anuj Bhargava, together with a Des Moines-based team of pharmacists, created the idea for the app in response to the needs they saw in their parents.

"Most patients who take multiple medications have such a difficult time," says Bhargava. The cost is one big reason for this, but other barriers can pose a challenge as well, like remembering which medications to take at what time, or when to get a refill. We felt it was time to find a solution to put the right tools in patients' hands. That's why we developed MedSimple and offered it for free."