Alta Kiwanis Notes

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 24

The Alta Kiwanis met Tuesday, July 24 at Wel-Life.

Speaker was Randy Tilk, City of Alta Municipal Utilities director. Mr. Tilk grew up in Greenville and attended a school in Omaha to become an electrician later working for R.E.C. In 1979, he worked for Dick Nelson of Alta until the early '80s, when he moved to Harlan. Randy began working for the City of Alta in January of this year. In the telecommunications area, Alta is installing a fiber-optics system in its schools. The process has been challenging because the ground is so dry due to the heat. The city has also been involved in the process of flushing the fire hydrants two times a year. The hydrants are opened up for 45 minutes.

Pop can sorting is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 3.

Boating/pizza outing for fifth grade P.I.E. partners may have to be called off this year due to the low lake levels.

A donation of $200 was made to KAYL for announcing boys' baseball and girls' softball tournament games.

A donation of $10 was made to the Pilot-Tribune for congratulation's announcements.

A request by Mrs. Peterson of the Alta City Pool for help with various projects have been put on hold until the August meetings.

Three members of the club - Steve, don, and Fred - helped Aurelia Kiwanis on Monday morning when RAGBRAI came through Aurelia.

July 17

The Alta Kiwanis met Tuesday, July 17 at Wel-Life.

Lee Meyer of Fire Proof Plus, Inc. was the speaker. Lee purchased M-Y Supply, which had been owned by Marv Younydahl of Storm Lake. The most prevalent fire extinguisher is the ABC type which can be used on trash life paper, wood, and cloth to electrical and chemical fires. Lee recommends people should have one extinguisher on each level of their homes. He supplies fire extinguishers to businesses, schools, residencies, and churches. Helpful hint: for ABC extinguishers, once a year turn extinguisher upside down and hit bottom and sides with a rubber mallet; this loosens the powder so a crust does not form at the top making your extinguisher unusable. Every six years a hydro test is conducted on each extinguisher to see if it is in good working order. A video was shown on types of fires and types of extinguishers used to combat each fire. The three components of fire are fuel, oxygen and a heat source.

Upcoming events:

* Aug 3-4 - district convention in Des Moines.

* Aug. 7 - Alta community block night.

Ken Lenz, Secretary