Parents want to see before- and after-school program started at Aurelia building

Friday, July 13, 2012

Aurelia parent Jessi Baker met with the Alta-Aurelia School Board Monday and requested that a before- and after-school program be put in place at the Aurelia building. She presented a list of parents who are also interested.

She told the boards that with many in-home day cares closing their doors, there is no place for the kids to go after school and some parents leave for work early in the morning so they feel a before-school program is also a necessity.

The parents don't see the implementation of such a program as a "day care" but more academic-based.

"We want a safe place for our kids to grow academically and socially," she said.

Alta has a before- and after-school program in place and theirs is more day-care based, said Supt. Lynn Evans. There is an average of 30 student that use the program each day which is funded through tuition ($5 a day per child or $3 for either the before- or after -school program).

The Alta program gets assistance from Buena Vista University students; it was suggested that Alta-Aurelia middle school students help with the Aurelia program if put in place.

A teacher at Aurelia has already shown an interest in helping with the program. Supt. Evans said there is money in the Aurelia budget for operational costs though Baker said parents she has visited with said they had no objections to paying if necessary.

The Aurelia School Board agreed it was a good idea. Supt. Evans suggested a group of interested parents meet with him and share ideas on how they would like such a program run and go from there. Space at the Aurelia building would be found. It is hoped that the program could be up and running for this school year.