Alta and Aurelia School Boards meet

Monday, June 18, 2012

It was business, business, business at the June meeting of the Alta and Aurelia School Boards on Monday.

Aurelia formally approved the purchase of kitchen equipment from Refrigeration Engineering out of Sioux City for the new equipment that will be placed in the new kitchen. Cost is $88,880.

Aurelia also approved the purchase of bleachers from Iowa Direct Equipment. Cost is $49,305 and will include 11 rows in three aisles. There will be a total of 561 seats. Handrails and three handicap spots are included. Supt. Lynn Evans shared that there will be more leg room - 24" between seats, and wider seats, 12".

Aurelia approved the purchase of Synergistic Industrial Technology Labs which will be used as an alternative to using power tools in the shop setting. The students will have plenty of hands-on with these technological modules and additional modules, different topics, will be added in the future, and will allow for creativity and thinking skills to be used.

"It's a safety thing," said middle school principal Ann Sandine. "In middle school, every kids has to have experience here whether they want to be here or not. Safety becomes and issue." The new system will prevent accidents.

The Cost approved was $25,423 and will include training for the instructor.

Aurelia also approved the purchase of sixth grade science materials at a cost of approximately $5,000. Included will be 12 texts and 58 on-line versions of the materials.

The Cost approved was $25,423 and will include training for the instructor.

Alta approved the purchase of two computer labs - one for the elementary and one for the high school. The 48 computers will be divided between the two groups. Cost is $36,912 but fortunately, Alta held on to $14,000 of Microsoft dollars they received a couple years ago which will bring down the purchase price to $22,912.

Contracts hve been approved for:

* Tiffany Miller, .5 Ell at Alta and .5 Title I at Aurelia

* Kacee Jensen, preschool teacher at Aurelia

* Luke Miller, middle school football coach

* Brian Henley, custodian at Aurelia