Letter to the Editor

A pay raise for Steve King?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Steve King feels he deserves a raise while wages for other workers has remained stagnate. So Rep. King thinks saved federal money should go to his office? That he's deserving of a raise? For what?

(The Des Moines Register: King explains his pay raises, trips abroad and votes that contributed to national debt: "I hve saved the taxpayers billions," King said. "That $3.2 billion would be enough to fund me and my congressional office for the next 1,000 years or so."

Does Steve King deserve a raise for not actually governing?

(A USA Today Editorial "Restaging debt ceiling drama is not governing": "threatening to replay last year's debt ceiling fiasco - when markets sold off, the economy slowed and the public made its discontent abundantly clear - is an exercise in irresponsibility. And it's well under way.")

Does Steve King deserve a pay raise for being a part of the least productive Congress in decades?

(The Washington Post's Dana Milbank "Our do-almost nothing Congress": "To call this 112th Congress a do-nothing Congress would be an insult... to the real Do-Nothing Congress of 19447-48. That Congress passed 908 laws. To date, this one has passed 106 public laws. Even if they triple their output for the rest of 2012 - not a terribly likely proposition - they will still be in last place going back at least 40 years."

Does Steve King deserve a raise for being a part of the worst, most unpopular Congress ever?

(Politico "112th Congress: The Worst Ever?": "... the most unpopular Congress in the history of polling - an institution so reviled that its own members don't take the political risk of defending it.")

Does Steve King deserve a raise for spending time on non-controversial, symbolic measures?

(Washington Times: "Approved 396-9, the resolution affirms 'In God We Trust' and encourages its display in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions, even though the motto wasn't facing and legislative threats and was reaffirmed by the Senate five years ago.")