Students take part in annual patriotic essay contest

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Alta VFW Auxiliary again sponsored the youth patriotic essay contest.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students at Alta participated. Each grade level wrote an essay based on a different topic.

First, second and third place winners were selected in each grade.

Third grade -- topic "I Love America Because"

* First place -- Abigail Marcos

* Second place -- Jessica Larson

* Third place -- Ryan Jensen

Fourth grade -- topic "My Definition of a Veteran

* First place -- Sydney Stanton

* Second place -- Daniel Langner

* Third place -- Allison Wells

Fifth grade -- "My Favorite Symbol of Freedom"

* First place -- Susy Wall

* Second place -- Sydney Berentschot

*Third place -- Jamie Wiederholt

The first place essays:

"I Love America


By Abigail Marcos

I love America because we have freedom.

We have laws that keep our community safe and us safe.

We always get treated fairly.

It doesn't matter what color of skin we have we still get treated fairly.

Everyone has good lives.

America is beautiful and safe.

We have good people.

"My Definition of a Veteran Is..."

By Sydney Stanton

A veteran is a man or woman that has retired from a part of the army. Some veterans still serve America. They can serve by raising the flag at school or talking to a class.

I think veterans are important because at one point they fought for our freedom and rights.

Some veterans that went to war got killed or badly injured.

I like veterans because they have respect for you and they are nice.

I think we should be proud of our veterans because they have risked their lives for us. Thank you!

"My Favorite Symbol of Freedom is..."

By Susy Wall

The American flag because it shows me the gift of freedom that we all have. When I see the red stripes on the flag I think of the blood that the soldiers shed while we are all safe and sound.

When I look at the stars on the American flag I think of all the states that we now have. I think it is amazing that we have 50 states.

When I think of the white stripes, I think of the bald eagle because of the bald eagle's white feathers.

And that is why I chose the American flag for my favorite symbol of freedom...the American flag.