First Alta-Aurelia graduation

Friday, May 25, 2012
Speakers - Alexis Tuttle, Ross Parcel, Hannah Herron, Austin Delp. /Photos by Lorri Glawe

The first Alta-Aurelia High School graduation ceremony took place on Sunday with 67 receiving diplomas.

Four class speakers were selected to talk - Alexis Tuttle, Hannah Herron, Austin Delp and Ross Parcel.

Each shared thoughts and memories with their class.

Kelsey McGowan, Lindsay Hall, Mallory Hinkeldey, April Goslinga, Kayla Sawyer, Madison Meier pose.

"We've all grown so much from kindergarten up until today," said Delp. "For me, I definitely feel like I've really grown because back when I was in kindergarten, I would have pee'd my pants by being in front of all you people right now! Speech has been one of the biggest influences on the growth of our confidence. I know many of us will go out into the world knowing how to better communicate with others. Thank you, teachers."

Parcel thanked the school board for giving students the opportunity to take part in speech classes.

"You won't go into an interview for a job and tackle your boss or dunk on him, but you will need to have the skills and confidence to talk to him." (That's also good advice to his fellow classmates!)

Jaden Holton, Dylan Harms, Ben Sand, Neil Marshall, Nehemiah Hase, Jalen Henningsen

He added that growing up in Alta - "good old Alta" - is the best place to have grown up. "We can walk down our school halls and know everybody's name. We have grown up with each other, we know something about each other. We can look at one another and a lifetime of memories flash before our eyes."

Tuttle referred to her class who attended Aurelia Elementary as "little monsters who insisted on breaking the rules at recess." (Thankfully they outgrew that!)

All four students commented about the two schools coming together and while they "dreaded" it at the start of the year, they walk away with many new friendships.

"We have all met so many good people this year by joining," said Delp. "Everyone made friends so easily, and if a person walked into our school, I don't think they would be able to pick out who is from Aurelia and who is from Alta. I don't think this combination of schools could have gone better. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of."

Herron spoke of the things that the new Alta-Aurelia senior class participated in together this year such as helping move the old high school to the new high school in two hours.

"We have each learned different lessons this year...we came in together now we shall leave together. No matter where we go, or how long we live, we will go down in history for being the first Alta-Aurelia graduates."

Tuttle echoed the thought.

"...Against predictions we wouldn't get along, we did it and were more successful in all our endeavors than anyone could have predicted. My senior year at Alta-Aurelia was the best year of school I've ever had. I was so privileged to meet all of you and to make all the friends here I have."

Delp added, "I will truly miss next year and I wish the best for all my fellow seniors. I know you will do well in life and I can only hope that we'll all stay in touch.

"So many of the seniors were excited about being the last of the Cyclones last year, but I am honestly glad to have been a part of the FIRST of the NEW Alta-Aurelia Warriors!"

Herron completed her speech by thanking many people.

"On behalf of the senior class we would like to thank all the teachers who helped make us who we are - our parents - thank you for just supporting us every step of the way, the community for coming out to all our games, concerts, contests, everything that was open to the public you guys were there and friends and family thank you for being there to support, love and help us through all these years of school we have faced. This is not the end, just a new beginning."

In conclusion, Parcel shared, "Today is about the start of something new and celebrating all of the unforgettable times we have had with each other. It may be a sad time, but it is the start to our bright futures. So enjoy this moment and this celebration. Keep your friends close and let your memories guide you through the times on the horizon."

Class motto was, "It does not matter which way you go, as long as you do not stop."

Class colors were purple and lime green and the class flower was white rose with red tips and white rose with blue tips.

Students earning honor medallions were:

4.0 Honor Medallions - Jill Buckendahl, Jaden Holton, Kelsey McGowan, Alyssa Turnquist, Kerstin Tuttle

3.5 and above Honor Medallions - Maddi Meier, Neil Marshall, David Schmidt, Jeffrey Carlson, Evan Laursen, Kelsey Brake, Alexis Tuttle, Austin Delp, Ben Sand, Jordan Schmitz, Sarah Freese, Kate Carlson, Jared Schmitz, Debbie Gregg, Jalen Henningsen, Rachel Husman, James Curbow, April Goslinga, Jayna Brechwald, Dylan Harms, Allyson Zarr