Art Antics: Witter Gallery Summer Classes

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Witter Art Gallery in Stom Lake will host summer youth art sessions, June 12-16 or July 24-28. Events are open to ages 7-12. Cost is $25 per student and classes are limited to 15 students. Each day's event runs 1:30-3:30.

"Each class will teach the students some interesting facts and techniques as used by a famous artist," says Witter Director Ron Stevenson.

Classes include:

* Tuesday - Tribal Masks. Make unique masks to enhance your personality

* Wednesday - Paint Your Hands. Yes, you will paint your hands/feet and your nose with art techniques.

* Thursday - Bubble Wrap Art. Paint the circles on each bubble to create unique patterns

* Friday - Tin Can Art. Cover tin cans with various mediums to make tin can sculptures

* Saturday - Hanging Marble Balls

If there is extra time, several other potential projects are lined up for the summer, including: Tree House Painting, Build A Bug, Flip Flop Fun, and Wooden Disc Necklace, Stevenson says.

To register children, call 732-3400, stop in at the Witter Gallery in the Storm Lake Library building, or email, and get ready to let your art antics run wild this summer.

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