A-A Art Show brings out the best

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Alta-Aurelia High School Art Show was held last week. Judges looked over the pieces and gave out these awards:

Art I

1st - Gracie Winterhof -- "Summer" (graphite)

2nd - Andrea Heschke -- "Too Good For a Name" (sharpie)

3rd - Mark Schmidt -- "Crusader" (pastels)

4th - Beth Carlson -- "Yellow Roots" (acrylic)

Honorable Mentions: Cody Anderson, Beth Carlson, Ashley Danielson, Jesse Boehmer, A.J. Lange, Hannah Engelke, Stephanie Stange, Brianna Gaes, Tyler Dungan, Trenton Delp, Luis Placido, Andrea Heschke, Cody Cameron, Rachel Suhr, Joe Suhr.

Art II

1st - Cristena Heschke -- "Fly Away" (acrylic paint)

2nd - Kaity Brake -- "Gone With the Wind" (acrylic paint)

3rd - Maranda Johnson -- "Monarch Mind Control" (acrylic)

4th - Paige Sivinski -- "A Pack" (charcoal)

Honorable Mentions: Kenadee Fellows, Charles Coll, Kathryn Brechwald, Bryan Hernandez, Jorge Uribe, Maranda Johnson, Paige Sivinski, Molly McDaniel, Courtney Langner, Kaity Brake, Cristena Heschke, Manuel Murillo, Taylor Stevicks, Josh Baxter, Maranda Johnson.


1st - David Schmidt -- "Vintage" (graphite)

2nd - Morgann Droegmiller -- "Umbrella" (acrylic)

3rd - David Schmidt -- "Knights of the Nine" (graphite)

4th - Kellan Bell -- "Inferno" (pencil)

Honorable Mentions: Blake Suhr, Steven Handwork, Kira Mongan, David Schmidt, Samantha Styler, Madison Meier, Dylan Harms, Nate Titus, Steven Handwork, Kira Mongan, Morgann Droegmiller, Dylan Harms.

Art IV

1st - Jill Buckendahl -- "Forgotten Dreams" (charcoal)

2nd - Alyssa Turnquist -- "African Sunset" (acrylic)

3rd - Kerstin Tuttle -- "Tanks" (charcoal)

4th - Debbie Gregg -- "Natalie Portman" (pencil)

Honorable Mentions: Sarah Freese, Jill Buckendahl, Jayna Brechwald, Kelsey Brake, April Goslinga, Austin Delp, Kelsey McGowan, Ross Parcel, Alyssa Turnquist, Kerstin Tuttle, Lexy Tuttle, Alexis Hernandez, Andrew Thomas, Jacob Baxter, Kelsey McGowan, Ross Parcel, Sarah Freese, Jayna Brechwald.

Digital Art

1st - Kaity Brake -- "Reflections in the Mirror"

2nd - Jill Buckendahl -- "Birds Eye View"

3rd - Ross Parcel -- "Take Off"

4th - Debbie Gregg -- "Sweet William"

Honorable Mentions: Ashley Danielson, Samantha Styler, Debbie Gregg, Austin Delp, Kaity Brake, Debbie Gregg, Ross Parcel, Jill Buckendahl, Samantha Styler, Kaity Brake, Ashley Danielson.


1st - Ross Parcel -- "Steel Bouquet"

2nd - Jesse Boehmer/Trenton Delp -- "WALL-E"

3rd - Dylan Miller -- "Like It's On Rails"

4th - Gracie Winterhof/Steph Stange -- "Color Burst"

Honorable Mentions: Blake Suhr, Ross Parcel, Rachel Suhr, Dylan Heiderscheit, Joshua Larsen.

Artistic Growth Award -- Jill Buckendahl

Best of Show -- Jill Buckendahl for "Curiosity" (charcoal)