National Night Out event being planned; park board given raise

Monday, May 14, 2012

Alta residents will be taking part in National Night Out Tuesday, Aug. 7, along with millions of other people in communities from all 50 states.

National Night Out is designed to:

* Heighten crime prevention awareness

* Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs

* Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships

* Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

The event traditionally includes visits from local police and sheriff departments; the Alta Fire Department members will also be invited.

Communities taking part often select a specific block to take part in the event but the Alta City council Monday decided they wanted everyone to be invited and have the sam opportunities.

Gloria Sanders is who made the suggestion for the event to take place and the council feels it is a great idea.

Much planning will take place; council member and business owner Rob Hach has volunteered to be the chairman of the committee. Many volunteers are needed to help out. There are already many ideas on how to make this a neat community celebration.

"I think this could be a fun time," said Mayor Ron Neulieb.

Sheriff Gary Launderville agreed that this is good opportunity for the community to become acquainted with the officers and the fire department members keeping their town safe.

Launderville also shared with the council that the two officers designated to keep a close eye on Alta, will be replaced for a six-week stint to allow them - Bill Sankey and Jeff Hanson - the opportunity to do road work while also giving two other members of the Sheriff's Department who have been out doing road work the opportunity to serve the people in Alta. After six weeks deputies Sankey and Hanson will return to continue their service in Alta.

The council approved the hiring of Ryan Friedrich and Dylan Harms to help out Brad Pedersen and the street department for the summer. Friedrich worked for the park board last summer and this is Harms' first year with the city.

Both come recommended as hard workers.

Pedersen also shared with the council that junk pick up days have been set for June 12-14; wood items will be picked up June 19-21.

It was recommended by council members Pam Henderson and Rob Hach to hire Tom Konrady for the code enforcement officer position.

The council approved the recommendation and welcomed Konrady on board. Several persons were interviewed for the position. Konradi has prior experience, working in this position for five years. The position will be part-time.

The Park Board was given a raise; they will be paid $35 instead of $25 per park board meeting they attend.

There was a request that a speed limit sign or speed bumps be placed on West Links Drive to slow traffic due to children living and playing in the area.

The council was opposed to speed bumps but discussed putting up a "children at play" sign as opposed to a speed limit sign.

"You can put up all the signs you want and it's not going to make a difference," said Sheriff Launderville. "But in this case, one sign might not be a bad idea."

The speed limit in the residential area is 25 MPH but there are very few speed limit signs posted in the community.

Launderville said that officers will begin spending time in that area of the community so that drivers become aware of their speed and begin slowing down.

A grant will be put together to provide housing rehabilitation. The community has been fortunate and have received this grant in the past and it has made a great difference for many families.

The grant will provide assistance for projects and the city's chances of receiving the grant are much better if they will kick in finances for each project. After discussion, the council decided they would throw in $25,000 for the projects if the grant is received.

Applications will be turned in by those wanting work down on their homes; the homes must be owned and occupied by those requesting the work.

It is also necessary to designate an area of the community that will be focused on. If received, the area of town that the council has agreed upon to focus on is from Main Street to Leander Street. Watch for more details.

The deadline to get the application in is August; if received, it grant dollars would not be available until 2013.

There was discussion on the purpose of sidewalks in the community and whether or not residents can take out sidewalks at their property if there are no adjoining sidewalks and also why no sidewalks are required in the new housing divisions.

There seems to be some confusion so Code Enforcer Konrady suggested that the matter be brought up with the Planning and Zoning with discussion to continue at another meeting.

The council agreed to:

* renew liquor licenses at Scooters and the Alta Community Center

* reduce the Alta Community Center rental fee for the Stan Hartwell benefit