A special goodbye to two favorite teachers

Monday, May 14, 2012
Barb and Brad Nesbitt, introduced by HS Principal Tom Ryherd, also a past student of Brad and Barb Nesbitt.

Brad and Barb Nesbitt were treated to a special celebration Sunday. The teachers are retiring after devoting a total of 56 years to the district.

Past speech students presented a choral reading, "This is Retirement." The couple's two sons, Nick and Cody, also joined in.

"You have helped shape the lives of so many students throughout the years, and we're all here today to honor you and thank you," said Carrie (Hepola) Buddenhagen.

"You always let the spotlight shine on your students, but today, we're going to shine the spotlight on you!" added Beth (Cameron) Reiss.

They included the top 10 retirement quotes - which brought great laughs.

* Number 10 - The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.

* Number 9 - Retirement: World's longest coffee break.

* Number 8 - You know you're reitred when someone asks you the time and you say, "daytime."

* Number 7 - The money is no better in retirement but the hours are.

* Number 6 - Happiness is being retired and spending all of my kids' inheritance.

* Number 5 - Viva la retiro! More Spanish!

* Number 4 - The down side about retirement is having to drink coffee on your own time.

* Number 3 - Retirement is that marvelous time of life when the sun rises and you don't have to!

* Number 2 - Retirement is like a vacation in Las Vegas, the goal is to enjoy it to the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money.

* Number 1 - When you retire, you switch bosses, from the one who hired you to the one who married you.

"The transition to retirement can be especially difficult for teachers," the speech group said.

Taking part were Tonja (O'Bannon) Meier, Pam (Johnson) Cox, Kara (Friedrich) Napierala, Chris (Hepola) Gehner. Lisa Bengston, Nick Nesbitt, Adam Pederson, Cody Nesbitt, Louie DeRoos, Carrie (Hepola) Buddenhagen, Kayla (Suhr) Wilson, Beth (Cameron) Reiss, Jeannie (Rozmus) Strock.

Friend and speech coach Susan Anderson from Akron- Westfield spoke of the Nesbitts and compared their impact on others to a rock being dropped in the water.

"When you drop a rock in the water, rings form and they keep going out. These rings are like the people you have touched and all those people are touching more people. You are a legacy that will go on forever."

And Craig Ihnen, executive director of the Iowa High School Speech Association who has become good friends with the Nesbitts, referred to them as "a marvelous team who have made long-lasting ripple. This is a happy day. They have left you these traditions and made a profound difference in the students' lives. Retirement is the beginning for others to step forward and continue that work and for you to step back and say, 'Wow! Job well done.'"

Brad concluded the programming, speaking on behalf of him and Barb. "There will be a spot in our minds we will remember every smile, the hi's in the hallway. We'll always, always, always be a part of this community."

The Nesbitts will be moving to West Des Moines.