Notes from your Alta Library

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April -- and is it really Spring? The first days felt like we had skipped spring and dived headfirst into Summer. It has cooled down a bit, but the weathermen keep telling us we are still degrees above normal for April. So we can just enjoy the unusual, as we revel in tulips, daffodils, jonquils and hyacinths. Now the lilacs are beginning to bloom and soon their fragrance will fill the air.

April 8 -- 14 was National Library Week. The theme this year was "You Belong At Your Library" and the Honorary Chairperson was Brad Meltzer. He is a well-known author whose books include "The Book of Faith," "The Book of Lies," and "The 10th Justice." All of these are currently available at Your Library.

Did you know that April 15 marked the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic? The Library has quite a few books about this tragic event, both for the young reader and for adults. Interest has revived in this as the anniversary approached, and the movie has been reissued, new books published, and even some TV specials. Check it out.

Several famous persons were born in April, and you will find them in your Library. William Shakespeare, Samuel Morse (of the Morse Code), Queen Elizabeth II, Charlie Chaplin and Hans Christian Andersen are all present in the pages of the books found there.

There is a nice array of new books again this month. I hope you have found their new place, just inside the door. There are a lot of mysteries, notably by Carol Higgins Clark, Mary Higgins Clark, Rita Mae Brown, and Anne Perry. There are also some other good ones, by authors who are favorites of Library patrons.

Once again, two authors are displayed as "Featured Authors of the Month." The two so honored are Elizabeth Berg and David Balducci -- very good choices. Each has a nice selection of books available.

Something for everyone, and remember, you Belong At Your Library.

Ciao, Joyce