Committee organized to beautify the community

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The new committee has been formed in Alta with the goal to beautify the city.

Members are Cathy Fisher, Jerry Buckendahl and Cindy Pedersen.

One of their first tasks will be to get flowers into the planters located on Main Street. They would also like to add two more planters, for a total of six so there could be one on each of the corners in the business area on Main Street.

If anyone would like to purchase a planter, as a memorial to their loved ones, the committee feels this would be a great addition.

The evergreen tree, which was planted at the Depot by Bob and Karen Pender in memory of their granddaughter who died in a car accident several years ago, has been moved across the street. Brad and Cindy Pedersen, new owners of the Depot building, paid for the tree to be moved, allowing it to continue to be a memorial.

It has been suggested that they place benches by the tree. These, too, could be purchased and used as memorials. Additional benches could be placed at the park, to give adults bringing their children to the park a place to sit.

The committee is also looking for persons to adopt the planters for a cost of $30-40 per year. Fisher pointed out that by adopting the planters does not mean that they would have to plant or maintain them, the cost would go towards purchasing flowers for the planters.

A church youth group has agreed to maintain the planters throughout the summer.

In addition, there is a planter by the swimming pool that they would like to beautify and the area by the Blue Star marker, at the Alta Community Building, is also in need of some beautification.

Additional projects the Alta Beautification Committee is looking to complete include updating the sign west of Alta.

If interested in helping with any of these projects, please call Cathy Fisher at 200-1761.