Park board says 'no' to sharing; Aurelia kids always 'welcome' to be part of Alta ball league

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Alta Park Board made the decision back in January that no sharing with Aurelia would take place.

A few days following the public meeting, a park board meeting was held and council members Pam Henderson and Molly Elston attended.

They discussed pros and cons of sharing the two programs and decided to leave their decision as it stands.

The issue of the meeting on Thursday and the meeting on Saturday came up at the Alta City Council meeting held Monday.

The park board members are elected, it was pointed out.

"They are here to make the decisions for our rec program," said council member Molly Elston. It was pointed out more than once that "Aurelia kids are more than welcome to come here and play. We want all kids to have the opportunity to play ball."

Council member Ron Chapman added that he sees the Alta and Aurelia school sharing to be going good and he hopes "this doesn't drive a wedge in and ruin everything."

Council member Rob Hach pointed out that he was in favor of the merger and pointed out that when he threw in his hat to run for the council position, he did so with hopes that the community would grow. He added that as a council member his job is to represent the people of the community and at the Thursday meeting, those in attendance by far were in favor of the sharing.

He wanted it to be known that this decision is the park board's and not one of the city of Alta.