Speech students storm state contest

Friday, March 16, 2012
Individual speech students -(Front) Kerstin Tuttle, Lexy Tuttle, Lindsay Hall, Jill Buckendahl, Kelsy Brake, Sarah Freese, Hannah Herron. Middle - Ross Parcel, Jaden Holton, James Curbow, Austin Delp, Nate Titus, Nehemiah Hase, Tyler Larson. Back - Katelynn DeRoos, Grace Weiland, Meri Kestel, Kaity Brake, coach Brad Nesbitt, Kirk Carlson, Chayce Glienke, Zach Lukkes, Alejandra Mendoza, Michael Swanson, Ange Rynstrom, Connor Napierala, Taler Stanton. /Photo by Lorri Glawe

The Alta-Aurelia Individual Speech Team participated in state contests March 10. Of 29 entries, 26 entries received I ratings. Four students - Zach Lukkes, Interpretative Reading Prose; Ross Parcel, Literary Program; Jaden Holton, Storytelling; and Nate Titus, Improv - were selected to take part in the All-State Festival at University of Northern Iowa on March 26.

Here are the ratings:

Varsity members

I ratings

* Ange Rehnstrom - Interpretative Reading Prose; Interpretative Reading Prose

* Austin Delp - Solo Musical Theatre; Improv

* Taler Stanton - Solo Musical Theatre

* Alejandra Mendoza - Acting

* Sarah Freese - Acting

* Kelsey Brake - Interpretative Reading Poetry; Interpretative Reading Prose

* Lexy Tuttle - Interpretative Reading Poetry

* Kerstin Tuttle - Interpretative Reading Prose

* Chayce Glienke - Literary Program

* Ross Parcel - Literary Program

* Meri Kestel - Original Oratory

* Tyler Larson - Radio News

* Jaden Holton - Storytelling

* Jill Buckendahl - Storytelling

* Kaity Brake - Storytelling

* Hannah Herron - After Dinner Speaking

* James Curbow - Improv

* Nate Titus - Improv

Freshmen members

I ratings

* Katelynn DeRoos, Interpretative Reading Prose

* Zach Lukkes, Interpretative Reading Prose

* Grace Weiland, Storytelling

* Michael Swanson, Storytelling

* Connor Napierala, Improv

Varsity members

Receiving II ratings:

* Chayce Glienke - Spontaneous Speaking

* Nehemiah Hase - After Dinner Speaking

Freshman members

Receiving II ratings:

* Kirk Carlson - Improv