New A-A Quiz Bowl Team to host Competition March 24; winner goes to Nationals

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Quiz Bowl Team - Front - Keith Logan, Kerstin Tuttle, Lexy Tuttle, Chase Glienke. Middle - Austin Delp, Tyler Larsen, Joe Napierala. Back - Connor Napierala, James Curbow, Cory Ballantyne, Nate Titus, David Schmidt, Neil Marshall. Missing - Jayson Van Haaften and Jalen Henningsen.

Quiz Bowl is a popular extracurricular activity in schools and Alta-Aurelia is joining in the fun.

When the word went out that Quiz Bowl would be offered, over 100 students signed up to be on the two teams. Through a process of elimination, the two teams were formed. Coach for the A-A Quiz Bowl is Will Dible who competed in Quiz Bowl as a high school'er and a college student and has even served as a judge for some competitions.

An A-A team was one of 16 that qualified for the KCAU-TV Quiz Bowl, seeded as number 15.

The A-A Quiz Bowl Teams will host a competition at the A-A High School on Saturday, March 24. Dible hopes to have a total of 18 teams from all across Iowa taking part.

The winner of the event will qualify for the National Quiz Bowl contest which is set for Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

Competition is tough, as many of the schools have had Quiz Bowl as part of their extracurriculars for some time. This is just the start for A-A and they will continue to get better with each time they compete.

The Quiz Bowl game is typically played with a lockout buzzer system between some number of teams, most commonly two teams of four or five players each. A moderator reads questions, from many topics, to the teams, whose players try to buzz in first with the correct answer, scoring points for their team.

Dible thanks the PTO and PTA of Alta and Aurelia for purchasing buzzer systems to use for the contest - the school will now have the systems for tournaments they will host and for other contests that may require this sort of system.

Dible is thrilled with the interest and the success of the contest and ended with, "I always loved Quiz Bowl and I want our students to love it, too."