A-A students to participate in NASA Space Settlement Design Competition

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Going to NASA - Front - Lexy Tuttle, Sam Styler, Alyssa Turnquist. Back - Joe Napierala, Keith Logan, Tyler Larson and Neil Marshall. Missing is Kelsey McGowan.

This group of Alta-Aurelia High School students will represent the school and communities at the NASA Space Settlement Design Competition held each year at Johnson Space Center in Texas.

They will have the opportunity to work in teams - with other students from the Midwest selected to be a part of the event - and use their imaginations and their skills to create a pretend settlement and present their ideas to the judges - real NASA specialists.

While they will serve as "fake" aerospace contractors, they will take their duties seriously and use their knowledge in math, science and even agriculture to come up with the most realistic plan they can.

The trip is planned for March 15-19. The A-A students will travel by bus with teacher Will Dible and other students and their advisors from the area.