A-A will add soccer - thanks to student's leadership

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kevin Hernandez loves playing soccer.

As a student at Aurelia previous to this year and now a senior at Alta-Aurelia, he thought he would not have the chance to play high school soccer.

So, he put his leadership skills in gear and made a presentation to the Alta-Aurelia School Board this week, requesting that soccer be added. And by golly, they approved his request.

"Now that I am a senior, I hope you will consider this. I would like to see this go through and go on after I am gone," he said in his plea. "This would be the best time to start - with a new school."

Hernandez met with Supt. Lynn Evans some time ago, requesting the addition of soccer. The supt. told him to gather names of other interested students; 34 students signed up. Hernandez suggested that Will Dible, science teacher, serve as coach. Dible began playing soccer at age 7, began coaching and refereeing as a teenager and played all through high school.

Because there are no other are teams in class 1A, travel will be involved to compete. The board approved a two-year trial period. Dible has agreed to be the coach.

The team will initially play as a co-ed team and begin by playing as a junior varsity team.

It was pointed out to the board that most of the students that signed up to play are not involved in other spring sports.

"This will give them the opportunity to get involved in the school," Dibel said.

Costs will be about $4,000 which will include soccer balls goals, nets and jerseys. He has stressed that the soccer balls and nets could be used during physical education classes as well.

Board member Ila Galvin said Alta has lost students in the past because there has not been a soccer team. Supt. Evans added that if soccer becomes a viable program, "we may see other kids from other districts" because of the addition.

The soccer season will run the same time as track and golf. Practice will be on the football field though Dible said, "we can practice anywhere. Give us a soccer ball and we'll practice."

Other Class 1A teams they hope to hook up with for games include Humboldt, Unity Christian, Western Christian and West Sioux. Non-conference games could perhaps be played with Storm Lake, Spencer and Spirit Lake.

"I want to commend Kevin," said Galvin. "He did a wonderful job putting all this together."

During discussion, the board members could not think of any negative reasons against starting a soccer team.