Teacher negotiations begin

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Alta Education Association and the school district are now in teacher negotiations.

The Association presented its proposal and the district responded immediately in an open meeting.

The two groups will now meet in closed sessions to reach an agreement.

The Association's spokesman, Jerry Braunschweig, stated that they proposed a 6.04 percent increase which includes raising the base salary by $1,300 to $29,000 (it currently is at $27,700.) They also asked that if a law is passed that alters the previously bargained health care benefits which results in cost savings for the district that said savings will be dollar for dollar added to the employee salary schedule.

Further, they asked for 30 minutes of team time, excluding lunch or prep time and four instead of three personal days.

Supt. Lynn Evans responded for the district, offering no base change, increasing IPERS contribution from 8.07 percent to 8.67 percent and health insurance changes, for a total .60 percent increase which would cost the district $14,482.