Friday, February 10, 2012

Addie Peterson was recognized Monday by the Alta City Council as the Citizen of the Year for her dedication to the community.

She was raised in Alta and received her education in the Alta Consolidated Schools. After graduating, she went off to college, got married, had a family and taught music. She and her husband, Harvey, who was a coach and superintendent, totaled up 73 years in the educational setting. They retired in Alta 42 years ago. He has since passed away but Addie told the council, "We were glad we returned. I was always proud of this town. We found out the quality of life is good for retired citizens."

Addie's contributions to the City of Alta include volunteerism, working with organizations and foundations within the community, and her assistance towards the betterment of the community. In addition, she has made many contributions to the school include a score board and a set of bleachers when the new gym was completed. She attends the home basketball games, sitting on the top row of the bleachers for the best view. She was honored by the school with the first recipient of the "Friend of the Alta-Aurelia Schools" award in January.

Alta Mayor Ron Neulieb presents the award to Addie Peterson.

When Alta's City Clerk Tom Huseman contacted Addie to tell her they would like to honor her with the Citizen of the Year recognition, her first response was, "I've got about all the certificates I want" and nearly declined. But she did show up and the city council was glad to be able to recognize her.

"I hope and pray that this will be an incentive for others in town to give their time, talents and monetary gifts so we can continue to say that Alta is a wonderful place to live."

"Alta is a better place because of people like you," said council member Brian Walsh.