Who wants to be on A-A Quiz Bowl team? Over 100 students sign up

Friday, December 16, 2011
Champions The Kamikaze Ninjas - Neil Marshall, Joe Napierala, Tyler Larson and Lexy Tuttle with teacher Will Dible.

Quiz Bowl is becoming a popular extracurricular activity at schools. During the event, students have the chance to answer questions of varying categories, competing against other teams.

Neither Alta nor Aurelia have had competing teams in the past and when teacher Will Dible put up a sign for students to sign up to be on the team, he was blown away at the interest. Over 100 students, half the high school, signed up.

Of course, that was too many for a team; normally there are four members on a team with alternates. Instead of selecting from the names on the list, he organized an Intra-School Quiz Bowl last week that lasted from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

There were 27 teams of four. Students not participating as contestants acted as audience members, score keepers and timers. Teams were eliminated throughout the day. Two teams competed for the championship in the end - the Kamikaze Ninjas (Neil Marshall, Joe Napierala, Tyler Larson and Lexy Tuttle) and Hanover Hippos (Nathan Flaherty, Titus Letzring, David Schmidt and Austin Delp). Teachers served as moderators.

The Kamikazes came out ahead with a score of 120 to 20. They will represent the school this year at four (maybe more) contests that Dible has them registered in. Alta-Aurelia will also host a quiz bowl tournament later this winter. The tournaments are normally held on Saturdays.

A second team will be selected from votes for most valuable players from all the teams.

The most important part of the quiz bowl was having questions to ask the participants - some 500 of them! In the regular quiz bowl competition, questions can be purchased, written by many experts but because it was not in the budget to do so for the intra-school event, Dible and teachers he asked to help out (Darlene Still provided family consumer science questions, Wendell Larson came up with math questions) came up with the questions in some 20 different categories. Whew! That's a lot of information to process! It was time consuming but enjoyable for Dible who competed in quiz bowl as a high school-er and a college student and has even served as a judge for some competitions.

While some of the questions went unanswered, it was a good way to present information to the students and information that they may remember another day. That is what is hoped. Dible added that he threw in questions that everyone would know, giving them confidence.

A set of rules was made available to all participants, following those used in regular quiz bowls.

There was no way to prepare for the contest but one of the most entertaining parts of the event for the participants was coming up with names for their teams. There were the Awesomeness, Too Legit to Quit, Man-Bear-Pig, G3 + Joe, Al Gore-ithms, Kool-Aid Crew, Ladies with Attitude (which was a boy's team!), The Segregated, Coldplay Stinks!. Wild Bears, Diacanbeetuz (what ever that means), Team Cheer (all cheerleaders), Hanover Hippos (two of which live in Hanover), The Elements, Colonel Sanders' Chicken, Oakland Chiefs, The Flaming, The French Toast Mafia, e-LEMON-ators, Team Unknown, The Jedis, The Abusement Park, Soup-A-Stars, Kung Fu Pandas, Hungry Hungry Hypocrite and Team America.

Dible thanks the PTO and PTA of Alta and Aurelia for purchasing buzzer systems to use for the contest - the school will now have the systems for the tournament they will host and for other contests that may require this sort of system.

Dible is thrilled with the interest and the success of the intra-school contest and ended with, "It was fun and exciting. I always loved quiz /bowl and I want our students to love it, too."