Letter to the Editor

Heartfelt thanks

Monday, November 28, 2011

Deep gratitude leads to heartfelt thanks... for 42 years my husband has taken pride in taking care of yard work and snow removal himself. Despite his illness this past year, he was able to keep the yard mowed with myself doing the rest of the yard work.

When this year's leaves started falling, my raking had little effect on getting them removed. Thanks go to our family from Storm Lake, Lakeside, Pleasant Hill and our grandson (home from Afghanistan for 2 weeks); and our neighbors, Randy and Karen; and current and past members of the Storm Lake Police Association along with some of their children. For the past few weekends they gave up part of their off-work time to help us out by raking and removing the leaves and cleaning out the gutters and doing other fall work for us.

And thanks to many friends who take time to visit us, to offer to help in so many other ways, and your concern and prayers. Isaiah 41:10 has special meaning at this time. Praise God for all of you.