Letter to the Editor

40 Days for Life

Friday, October 7, 2011

After reading the editor's fine article on the 40 Day prayer vigil at the Planned Parenthood clinic here in Storm Lake, I have a few questions for Jill June (Planned Parenthood of the Heartland EO) who is quoted in the article.

Ms. June, you refer to Sue Thayer as a disgruntled former employee who is attacking Planned Parenthood. Have you drawn this conclusion based on your personal interaction with Sue Thayer, or is this just a media "talking point" that you were given to say by your superiors at Planned Parenthood? I have had several conversations with Sue Thayer. I could use many words to describe her, but "disgruntled" is not one of them. Am I to assume that people who celebrate life are now routinely labeled as disgruntled by Planned Parenthood?

In your statement, you call the people who are involved in 40 Days for Life "a shrill political organization." Could you explain to me how a quiet, peaceful celebration of life could possibly be labeled as shrill? The word "shrill" means "high pitched and piercing" which is hardly the word that would accurately describe the people who attended the event last Tuesday evening. Again, is your verbal attack of these local residents based on your extensive interaction with them, or is this just another "talking point" that you were given to say by your superiors at Planned Parenthood? Have you personally visited with any of the individuals who are involved in this "40 Days for Life" event? Have you heard any of them make public political statements supporting any specific political candidate? Celebrating the gift of life is not a political issue, so why do you accuse these people of making it one? After reading your statement, it seems to me that those who support abortion are the ones who are guilty of attempting to reduce life to a mere political issue. You also refer to Planned Parenthood's "telehealth and telepharmacy services" as a good resource for rural women. Could you help me understand how tele-med abortion (where a qualified physician isn't even present) is a good thing for rural women and their unborn children?

Ms. June, we live in a culture that often looks to death for answers to the challenges of life. This should not be. As a person who joyfully celebrates life, I would be willing to engage in a conversation with you on the issues of life. But, please, please, address the issues. Do not merely release media statements that attack the character of the people involved. By doing so, you end up labeling yourself as shrill and political.