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Friday, May 6, 2016

Trying times

Monday, March 8, 2010

Isn't it amazing how at the time an idea sounds so good, but in the end it is ends up to be a real mess?

Sometime back in the 20th century the government came up with the bright idea of importing Asian Beetles to take care of an aphid problem that we apparently were having here in the states. First of all were the aphids (plant eating insects) that much of a problem that we had to expose an expanding colony of cute but stinky beetles; mistakenly refered to as Lady Bugs to the citizens of the U.S.?

My question is, can we please send them back? Can't the very ones responsible come round up the little critters that have taken up residency within my residence? Come corral the hundreds perhaps thousands that are lurking within the compounds of my home...and yes even during these harsh winter days, I find them for the most part laying flat on their backs underneath my windows and radiators. Soon, live ones will be attacking from above.

While researching a cure for these pesty pests, I read that they can be found in highly timbered areas. Well that seriously is the only downfall that I can think of for moving into a timber infested area. I was so excited about moving up into the hills and how great it was to explore the very timber that stands tall across the road from our house. Well it was great until I found out that the timber houses the very insects that are driving me crazy!

I spray and vacuum twice a day and still there are piles of red bugs dotting my floors and window sills. I read that if you fill a jug with water and add dish soap along with equal parts of vinegar and sugar the bugs will find refuge in the water and drown. Take it from me it doesn't work!!

Who do I blame for my troubles, well it can't be me. I had no idea that there could so many Asian Beetles in one place - can there be any left in Asia?

With all of these extra inhabitants, when the census comes a counting do I count them too? If so I think that I may have broken some sort of safety code, because there has to be some law about having so many in one household.

It is my guess that these bugs are staying as long as I am or longer. I doubt that the very government that is to blame for my excessive beetle battle will come and collect them all; they have bigger battles to tend to. However could they at least give me some pointers on how to gain control of my home again?

Trudy J. Schroeder
Trudy J. Schroeder