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Monday, May 2, 2016

The first trip home

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Parents - do you recall the first time your first son or daughter returned home after going to college? It's a super feeling!

Jordan returned last week for the first time since we dropped him off at Simpson College four weeks ago. I was so anxious all day to get home because I knew he'd be there. His laundry greeted me at the door.

Coming home for the first Homecoming after graduation is a big deal for a lot of students; it's an important part of their growth.

Jordan had the opportunity to see his best friend crowned as king and see his little brother on the high school football team.

We stayed up until past 1 a.m. both nights he was home catching up on his schedules and filling him in on the latest news from the school and home.

Saturday we left early to follow him back to Simpson for family weekend. It was our turn to be on his turf. He wondered me, once again, as he did when we took him to school four weeks ago, "don't say anything stupid." Really. Would I?

(Did he mean like to embarrass him, because I had a lot of stories that could do that! But I kept my mouth shut.)

He took us to his dorm room where it was quite dark (I thought perhaps it was to hide the mess but in actuality it was because his roommate was still sleeping; why would a college student be up by 11 a.m. on a Saturday if he didn't have to be?)

What I could see of the room, it was organized - though I did notice he still hasn't learned to make his bed.

We ate in his cafeteria. I think they were trying to impress us parents; he said there were food items out that he had never been served before. Way to go! It was good enough for us.

We then attended the Simpson Storm vs. Buena Vista University Beavers football game. As most of you know, I am not a big football fan but I really found the game exciting up to the very end. Simpson pulled through by two points.

The Simpson football squad has more members than Aurelia's entire high school; there are 133 members on the team. They stretched across nearly the entire sidelines. It was quite impressive.

The most exciting part of our time together was playing BINGO - which is an event held about every other week. In the past the BIG prizes have been flat screen TVs. All three of us did get BINGOs and had the chance to pick from the table of gifts - a DVD, a Hawkeye cup and a package of Snickers. We weren't fortunate enough to get the big prizes - this time but it was so much fun I told Jordan I would be back again to try my luck. I don't think he'll tell me when the next time BINGO will be played, though.

He was ready to ditch us right after the BINGO game; he was ready to get back into the routine he has carved for himself in his new little world.

We told him thanks for the Simpson experience and left.

This time, I had no tears. I could see how happy he is.

Lorri Glawe
Lorri is a reporter for the Pilot Tribune. She covers Education and also writes for and lays out the Alta section of Thursday's Pilot Tribune.