Two school board members retire, two new members sworn in

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Outgoing members Dr. Dan Douglas and Todd Nicholson, were presented plaques for their years of dedication and service to the school board. Douglas served nine years and Nicholson served six years. / Photos by Lorri Glawe

Two seasoned Storm Lake School Board members retired Wednesday and their replacements came aboard.

Dr. Dan Douglas served on the board for nine years and Todd Nicholson served for six years. Neither ran for a spot in the recent school board election.

Voted in to take their spots were Peter Steinfeld, who is on his second stint as a member of the board, and Marcella Koth.

Storm Lake School Board Secretary Trudy Peterson administered the oath of office to Peter Steinfeld and Marcella Koth as new members of the board. / Photos by Lorri Glawe

Dr. Mark Schultz, past school board member and president attended the meeting held at the new elementary building and thanked Douglas and Nicholson for their service to the district and for sharing the vision, along with him and others no longer on the board, of building a new elementary for the children of Storm Lake. He reminded them of the planning they worked on together as a board and felt it quite fitting that the last meeting for Douglas and Nicholson be held in the new school.

"I appreciate you always putting the kids first," he added.

Board member Ed McKenna also thanked the two retiring board members.

"I've enjoyed working with both of you. I don't want you to go off and that's it. I'd like your advice." He urged the two men to stay involved in what's going on in the district and call the current members or attend meetings to voice their opinions.

With the new elementary still fresh on their minds, as a major accomplishment of their school board reign, Douglas said that he can't help but think of all the children that will go through the halls. "It's exciting."

He also thanked the administrators and teachers for encouraging kids to dream.

Nicholson said when he came on to the board six years ago, he replaced outgoing board member Peter Steinfeld. And now, Steinfeld is replacing Nicholson. He laughed saying that wouldn't happen again.

"I've enjoyed the last six years working together. It's been very rewarding."

He also thanked the administration the teachers for all they do.

School Board Secretary Trudy Peterson administered the oath of office to Steinfeld and Koth.

Voted in as president of the board was Ed McKenna. Board member Dave Jennett will serve as vice president.

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