Organ and tissue donation awareness license plates available for Iowans

Monday, October 23, 2000

Iowa Donor Network is pleased to announce the creation of an organ and tissue donation awareness license plate for Iowa motorists. The State of Iowa has agreed to sell the license plate with a portion of the proceeds for new plates and renewal fees going to the Iowa Organ Donor Awareness Fund.

The fund, which is administered under Iowa's Anatomical Gift Act Committee gives grants to medical facilities and citizens to promote organ, tissue and eye donation awareness in their communities.

In order for the Department of Motor Vehicles to begin producing the plate, 500 paid applications must be received. Once plates are in production, the new license plates will be available through each county.

Numeric plates are $35.00 with a $10.00 renewal fee in addition to what Iowans would normally pay for plates on a vehicle. The entire amount generated from numeric plates is given to the Awareness Fund. Personalized plates may also be ordered at a cost of $60.00 with a renewal fee of $15.00. A portion of these orders $35.00 for plates and $10.00 for renewal will be donated into the Awareness Fund as well.

Plates can be purchased for your vehicle or you may purchase plates as a gift for someone else. To receive an application, please contact Iowa Donor Network at 1-800-831-4131.

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