LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Don't drive the teachers out of Iowa

Monday, October 23, 2000

Teachers throughout the United States work approximately the same number of work days. They generally have approximately the same number of students in their classrooms. They generally all teach students with a wide variety of learning styles, problems at home and challenges to a learning environment. With all that said, teaching is still a difficult job.

Iowa is lucky (yes, we've spent many years and many dollars to ensure it) to have one of the best public school

systems in the nation. Why do we continue to watch as our teachers receive one of the

lowest salaries in the nation? We wonder why our children are leaving Iowa for what they see as a better life in other states. Could it be they can earn a better living somewhere else?

Don't drive our teachers away. Regain our once "best in the nation" school status. I will work with the Iowa House and carry out Governor Vilsack's plan to improve teacher pay, keep our teachers in Iowa and base the increases they'll receive on student achievement. We can do it if we have legislative members that can work together for the common good of our children and ultimately Iowa. Vote Nov. 7.

Sue Morrow

Candidate for the House

of Representatives

Storm Lake