LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Keep sheriff race positive

Friday, October 20, 2000

I have never been a fan of negative campaigning and was appalled by Chuck Eddy's opponents' brochure. Chuck has been an excellent sheriff for everyone in B.V. County for the past 12 years. Chuck's whole campaign has been based totally on his accomplishments since taking that office, without a single negative comment or insinuation about his opponent.

Hopefully, the voters in this county realize that this quality of service and commitment is what we search for in a candidate, not one who bases his entire campaign on what must obviously be some kind of personal vendetta.

I believe we as voters need to focus on what values the candidate will bring to each office with him or her and what he or she can do for us as B.V. County citizens.

It seems to me that basing your entire campaign on verbally attacking your opponent is not an appealing tactic or one that would influence me to vote for that individual.

I believe there is more to being the sheriff in B.V. County than wearing the uniform and Chuck gets my vote!

Molly Jorgensen

Rural Storm Lake