LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Volunteers respond to beach opinion

Friday, October 20, 2000

We couldn't agree more that our lake's receding waters is a "drastic reminder" that Storm Lake is in "serious need of some help for the beach areas" and beyond. Our group of federal and state employees wish to volunteer to clean up an area(s) of the shoreline in hopes to improve the beauty and the safety of those areas for our

residents, as well as the visitors to The City Beautiful.

We would like to see the City of Storm Lake help the volunteer groups haul away the accumulated material. We are assuming some areas may have large accumulations and

possibly heavy or awkward materials. We would also like to see the clean up take place right away while the weather is staying GREAT and sadly dry. And then, of course, continue on a scheduled basis when the waters return to normal, but the shoreline still accumulates junk. There could even be signs along our highways letting visitors know that we care about our lake.

Our group at the USDA Service Center challenges other groups to step forward and begin this project that will benefit everyone.

Thank you for reminding us and inspiring us not to take our beautiful lake and shoreline and parks for granted. We are ready to meet the challenge to help clean up!!!

Mark Minger

USDA Service Center